Book your holiday villa in Ubud

Ubud is known to be Bali’s cultural heart. Located, between the mountain ridges surrounded by rice fields makes this a beautiful place to visit stay your holiday. With just an hour’s drive north of the airport, or from the popular towns of Seminyak and Canggu. Ubud traditionally is a country town that is home to one of the royal families of Bali with a majestic palace in the centre of town.
Ubud is also well known as an artistic capital of Bali. The surrounding villages of Campuhan, Penestanan, Peliatan and Batuan all have communities that specialise in and woodcarving. There are hundreds of shops selling antiques, woodcarvings, crafts, textiles, paintings and jewellery in Ubud. You’ll also find some of the best art museums in the country here. Along Ubud’s main street are dozens of art studios, an excellent local craft market and galleries.Last but not least, Ubud is visited by Yoga enthousiasts from all around the world. Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced Yogi, there are many options to follow classes and explore.